Should I inspect A crane before I hire? 

It’s critical to ensure you’re receiving high-quality machinery for your money when renting new machinery, whether it’s a crane or an excavator. You must ensure that you have the correct machine to meet your requirements without fail or trouble. Pre-hire checks are becoming increasingly regular, and they are critical to worksite safety. You wouldn’t hire a car unless you knew it was safe and functional, and the same goes for hiring machinery.

Kingy’s Diesel Industries provides a variety of quality control inspections by third-party assessors, as well as services supported by independent specialists, to ensure that you get the best machinery and value for your money. Our crew is impartial and unbiased, and you can count on us to provide high-quality review services.

Give yourself peace of mind with a Pre-Hire Inspection.

Manufacturing, mining, engineering, oil and gas, and energy are all areas where Kingy’s Diesel Industries operates. Almost all forms of equipment and machinery utilised in these industries are subject to inspection, including:

  • Plant equipment, such as cranes of different sizes and types, civil equipment, such as excavators, bobcats, crushers, screeners, earth moving vehicles, specialist vehicles, and mining equipment, is available new and used.
  • Valves, motors, pumps, generators, power transformers, control panels, switchboards, mechanical and electrical equipment, and cabling are among the new and used machinery parts available.
  • Lifting Equipment of All Kinds

Kingy’s Diesel Industries offer testing and services for a variety of hired machinery

  • Inspection by a third party
  • Material Analysis
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Mechanical Testing Traceability
  • Global Machinery Certifications
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Visual Inspections
  • Welding inspection/welding engineer services
  • Inspections of pressure vessels

Kingy’s Diesel Industries provides timely, reliable and high-quality inspection services

You can count on the professionals at Kingy’s Diesel Industries to make sure that the machinery you buy for your business meets the highest safety and efficiency requirements. Our staff consists of equipment industry specialists with decades of combined expertise.

Call the experts at Kingy’s Diesel Industries before you make your next big machinery purchase. Schedule a pre-purchase examination to avoid the hassle of costly repairs.

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