Preventative maintenance is more important than ever!

Kingy’s Diesel Industries understands the importance of preventative maintenance to your equipment. We specialise in all milestone service and maintenance points and will fit into your busy schedule. We also offer fleet maintenance and planning to keep your equipment running longer as well as providing reminders of when you should get your equipment serviced next.

As Machinery gets older the harder it gets to maintain and the more breakdowns and time off the road it spends. We know it’s hard to try and manage into a busy day.

I.R.I.M System

Kingy’s Diesel has a program called Inspect | Repair | Inspect |Maintain
The I.R.I.M System, consists of one of these steps being carried out on your equipment every 12 weeks. This will be carried out while we service your equipment.


Inspect for defects on the equipment, source and order parts.


Repair the defects, fit the parts required and service machine

Inspection Two

Re-inspect the machinery


Finalise the year with an annual inspection and service.

Keep your breakdown costs low and planned work at full capacity. We take the burden of managing the maintenance in your machines. This maintenance strategy will increase your equipments performance and longevity.

Kingys Diesel is offering this service to new and existing customers to take the stress of planning and managing your equipment.

Kingys Diesel has a new maintenance software program which will track when the equipment is due for one of the strategies to be carried out. Our admin staff will notify you and make an appointment.

Inspection services include:

  • Pre/Post sale inspections
  • Annual Inspections
  • 90 Day Inspections
  • General machine inspections
  • Authorised insurance inspection repairs

Major Diesel Crane Services

With extensive knowledge of AS1418 and AS2550 standards, Kingy’s Diesel Industries can perform quick turnaround on 10 – 25 year major inspections and rebuilds of your equipment. This gives you the peace of mind that your cranes are meeting industry standards, not to mention the peace of mind that your machinery is up to a high quality and performing at peak efficiency.

Inspection services include:

  • 25 year major inspection rebuild
  • 10 year major inspection rebuilds
  • Authorised insurance repairs
  • Repair and inspection pre-sale
  • General rebuilds

Businesses who qualify for our crane exchange program can also hire one of our Terex Franna’s from our workshop while we work on your crane.

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