Rebuilding or Overhauling an existing Crane, is it worth it!

Keeping your crane performing at its peak is crucial to ensuring Crane Operator and overall safety – if your crane is letting you down or is affected by age or heavy use it may be time to start considering a Crane Rebuild or Crane Overhaul.

One of the best and most effective ways of extending your crane’s life expectancy is rebuilding or overhauling components, this can potentially save you thousands of dollars when compared to the costs of a new crane.

With over 10 years of experience working with Cranes and Diesel equipment, Overhauling your crane’s engine is a simple process for the team at Kingy’s Diesel Industries. Our team of qualified professionals will assess your crane’s condition and recommend the necessary steps to bring your crane to the level of efficiency and performance you expect. 

Our experience allows us to source and have on hand a variety of Crane and Diesel parts and components such as brakes, hoists, gearboxes and sheet grabs can all be worked on in our workshop located in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast. Kingy’s also offers a Crane Exchange program, so don’t stress about being down a crane if you have an ongoing job or upcoming work that cannot be rescheduled – the team at Kingy’s will do their absolute best to assure that you and your team can work without issue. 

You can always trust the team at Kingy’s Diesel Industries to recommend the best long-term solution for your crane based on your usage requirements, budget and upcoming workload. So stop risking the chance of that old crane breaking down and give the team at Kingy’s a call today on 0456 159 611.

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