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  • Different types of Cranes Explained
    Cranes have become indispensable to the construction industry, with new technology meaning the variety of cranes available is increasing all the time. From specialised tasks to general construction, it’s critical to select the appropriate crane type for your job, with a number of parameters to consider. Before you choose a crane for your business, think… View Article
  • We’re Hiring: Workshop Manager
    Based in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast, Kingy’s Diesel Industries work up and down the East Coast and internationally on diesel cranes and diesel-related equipment. We offer a full range of products, servicing and repairs, but diesel cranes are our passion. We are focussed on providing exceptional customer satisfaction in everything we do and are… View Article
  • Pre-purchase inspections from Kingy’s Diesel Industries
    When investing in new machinery, whether a crane or an excavator, it’s vital to make sure you’re getting high-quality machinery for your money. You need to be sure you have an investment that will serve your needs, without fail or issue. This is why pre-purchase inspections are so important. You wouldn’t pay for a house… View Article
  • Vehicle Loading Cranes – Reseal Job
    Vehicle loading cranes are an essential part of our business at Kingy’s Diesel Industries. Our staff has extensive expertise dealing with Vehicle Loading Cranes, which is one of our most popular crane rebuilds, as well as frequent visits to the workshop for repairs. This week, we came across a Vehicle Loading Crane with a hydraulic… View Article
  • Mac 25 franna
    A valued client who is a part of Kingy’s diesel fleet management programme experienced a noise issue with their Mac 25 franna, where the rig would work all day and produce loud noises late in the afternoon from around the luff cylinders. The kingys crew was fast to diagnose, knowing exactly where to check first…. View Article
  • Fushun Crawler Crane
    We had a Fushun Crawler Crane come into Kingys diesel running extremely rough a few weeks ago. Our expert team is fast to get to work and begin analysing what is causing the problem. The Team was able to diagnose the engine’s harsh running by compression testing it, as well as checking the fuel pumps… View Article
  • Boom Logistics Brisbane
    Experts in crane and lifting solutions Boom Logistics Brisbane contacted Kingy’s Diesel Industries for assistance with a boom removal and luff cylinder removal on a 220T crane. The inside of a 220T Crane Boom Our crew has a lot of expertise dealing with large cranes, and they were able to effectively navigate numerous planning hurdles…. View Article
  • Who can operate a crane?
    Living the high-life! Up-high, in charge and getting it done. A career in crane operation can be an interesting and exciting job since cranes can be found all over the world in a number of environments including shipyards, construction sites, mines, warehouses and more. Let’s take a look at who can operate a crane and… View Article
  • The Importance of Milestone Crane Services
    Between the years 2003 to 2015, 47 workers died in accidents involving cranes. That’s too many. Supplementing this number was a myriad of injuries, ranging from severe to mild. If you’re reading this article then we don’t have to tell you that working with cranes comes with risks. Mitigating those risks (not just with cranes… View Article
  • Alfasi Hire
    Terex AT20 – Winch leak The team at Kingy’s diesel Industries undertakes weekly routine maintenance at several Alfasi Hire sites. This week we had a winch gearbox leak. Our team started out by stripping the winch, which allowed us to find some seals inside leaking. We followed this up by changing the seals and crack testing… View Article
  • Residential Excavations
    Everyday the team Kingy’s diesel gets a different request and this one is as follows;  Our client Residential Excavations wanted to extend the tipper Body so they could put extra machinery in their truck The team at Kingy’s achieved this for our client by doing the following cut off old truck gate  weld and extend… View Article
  • Host Training
    The team at Kingy’s diesel industries had the tricky job of diagnosing a slew fault in an Old Grove RT422 Crane. The client had issues with skewing the machine, after numerous diagnoses checks. We found our way to the control valve bank. Our experienced team were able to find a sticky valve spool in the… View Article
  • Melco Engineering Mackay
    Kingy’s diesel industries used their expertise in fleet maintenance in Mackay and carried out the following repairs for valued client Meclo Engineering. Melco’s fleet required a range of milestone services, along with several repairs. The team at Kingy’s Diesel Industries handled this job promptly and efficiently. Their Tadano 110t all terrain crane required slew ring torque … View Article
    Kingy’s Diesel Industries were approached by Essential Energy to assist them with their MLO major inspection project.Service Providers were given a strict list of safety requirements and clients upgrades, In accordance with Kingys Diesel Engineers and Premier Proline a workscope was designed and followed by Kingys Diesel with an in depth variance of work.Robway upgrades including… View Article
  • Queensland Main Roads / RoadTek
    Queensland Department of Main Roads / Roadtek invited Kingys Diesel Industries to complete a major inspection on a Vehicle Loading Crane. The work was successfully carried out and met with high quality standards and lead times and budgets. Kingy’s Diesel Industries succeeded at the requirements requested by the client to produce a quality rebuild on 3… View Article
  • Alfasi Crane Hire
    Alfasi Crane Hire and Kingy’s Diesel Industries do regular work together. Alfasi manage a large fleet of a variety of all-terrain cranes from 5T mini crawlers to 300T crawler cranes. 3x of their larger cranes were to be used for a large industrial building happening in Brisbane. On-site cranes were having problems. With Kingy’s Diesel… View Article
  • Crawler Crane Demob
    Crawler Crane Demob A client based in brisbane contacted Kingys Diesel requesting a crane to have some repairs completed before being relocated down to melbourne for a dry hire contract. Kingys Diesel supplied the client with knowledgable staff to complete the repairs and Demob the crane in a safe manner meeting all transport deadlines. 
  • Mac 25T Major Inspection
    Kingys Diesel has customers based all over the country with a client transporting their MAC25T series 1 franna from mackay to the sunshine coast. This particular franna being an older version the client trusted kingys diesel to inspect/strip/repair and test the machine in co-ordance with the engineer this crane was successfully completed and another valued customer… View Article
  • How does the crane exchange program work?
    Kingy’s Diesel Industries offers a unique crane hire program and is the only one of its kind on the Sunshine Coast, or anywhere in Queensland for that matter. This crane hire program, also known as the ‘Kingy’s crane exchange program’ is intended to be used by businesses who have their equipment out of action because… View Article
  • Rebuilding or Overhauling an existing Crane, is it worth it!
    Keeping your crane performing at its peak is crucial to ensuring Crane Operator and overall safety – if your crane is letting you down or is affected by age or heavy use it may be time to start considering a Crane Rebuild or Crane Overhaul. One of the best and most effective ways of extending… View Article