Kingy’s Diesel Ambassador Wins the Gold Coast pro!

Sitting at #8 in the world on your rookie year is no mean feat, but for Evans Head surfer and Kingy’s Diesel ambassador, Callum Robson, is combining his talent with peak confidence as he out-surfed his opponents in the Gold Coast Pro from the start to finish.

In a strong 96-man tournament, Callum surfed his way to first place from his opening round of 96 heat to the penultimate final between him and local Snapper Rocks hopeful, Sheldon Simkus.

Coming off the back of two amazing results at Bells Beach (Runner-Up) and Margaret River (Quarter-Finals) respectively, Callum showed why he is a force to be reckoned with and a dark horse for the World Title.

“Having the support of small family businesses like Kingy’s Diesel means a lot. Matt and I only met about a year ago on a surf trip to the Great Barrier Reef, but I feel like we have been mates forever. The support I have received is huge and it was great to be chaired up the beach by the big guy and my manager after taking out the contest” said Callum.

Matt Kingman (left), Callum Robson (center), Brenton Mazey (right)

“Caltex continues to surprise everyone with his results but those close to him always knew he had it in him. You only have to look at his results in Australia to realise this kid is the real deal. The fact he doesn’t have a major surf brand on the nose of his board is a tragedy, but hopefully that will come soon. Kingy’s Diesel will continue supporting Cal long into his career” said Matt of Kingy’s Diesel Industries.

After a very successful stint at the 3 Australian tour stops, Callum now jets off to the stunning paradise of G-Land in Java, Indonesia for the Quiksilver Pro 28 May – 6 June 2022. You can play along at home by tuning into the for live action.

Rewatch the Gold Coast Pro below:


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