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We are continuing this month with our exploration of the fantastic range from Hammersley’s! Our automotive cleaning products are perfect for cleaning your car or motorcycle.

Since 1972, Hammersley Products Australia has been expertly formulating specialty chemicals to achieve superior results for our clients. Proudly one of Australia’s longest-serving chemical manufacturers, Hammersley’s award-winning expertise means that you can be assured of their ability to deliver world-class results every time.

Today we’ll be exploring Hammersley’s premium car wash, a tyre sheen and renew-it – which is a vinyl and leather protectant. All of these products find applications in automotive workshops, car-washes, car detailing services and even personal use.

Hammersley’s Premium Car Wash

Hammersley’s Premium Car Wash is an efficient vehicle shampoo concentrate, specially formulated for maximum performance. The new technology wash formula breaks down dirt while leaving your surfaces clean and sparkling. The foam is very gentle on all painted surfaces, not to mention highly luxurious.

The formula is based on naturally-derived Palm Oil and Coconut Oil derivatives, so it is gentle on our environment. It also leaves a natural sheen on surfaces. Premium car wash has anti-corrosive additives and works as a passivating agent to help keep your surface looking newer for longer. Hammerlsey’s guarantees that their products are biodegradable, non-pollutant and contain no phosphates.

Hammersley’s Premium Car Wash is an easy-to-use, high-performance product for fast and efficient results.

Hammersley’s Tyre Sheen & Protectant

Hammersley’s Tyre Sheen and Protectant is a premium silicone tyre dressing that dries quickly , leaving a high sheen, giving a natural,  “like new” appearance to all rubber surfaces. Hammersley’s Tyre Sheen and Protectant provides a slick surface without sticky residue. Treated surfaces resist dust and grime build up and can be easily rinsed off. Higher viscosity silicon polymers make application a breeze, leaving a natural shine and longer-lasting protection right through to the next wash period. It’s also water-resistant and stain-resistant.

Hammersley’s Tyre Sheen & Protectant can be used in car yards, mechanics, tyre and rim specialty industries, fleet and coach industries and even the cycling industry.

Hammersley’s Renew-It

Hammersley’s Renew-It is an excellent vinyl and leather protectant that has been carefully developed to revitalise all leather and vinyl surfaces. Renew-It has a natural conditioning action that leaves all treated surfaces smooth – soft, silky, luxurious, and just like new. Renew-It produces a friction-free surface where dirt won’t stay and dust won’t settle, allowing future stains to be easily removed without smelly films or residue. Renew-It distributes evenly, allowing for the application of small quantities for revitalising sections or restoring large areas. Renew-It includes exceptional nourishing oils and silicones that leave leather and vinyl looking and feeling natural, cared for, and conditioned.

The perfect car detailing kit

The materials we’ve looked at here aren’t just thrown together by chance; keeping these products handy means you have a highly efficient automobile cleaning kit that can be used both at home and in the workshop. Hammersley’s products are available in a wide selection of sizes, so we’re confident you’ll find one that suits your needs.

Further Reading: https://hammersley.com.au/product_categories/automotive/

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