Hammersley Products Deep Dive #1

Since 1972, Hammersley Products Australia has been expertly formulating specialty chemicals, purpose-built to achieve superior results for our clients. Proudly one of Australia’s longest-serving chemical manufacturers, Hammersley’s award-winning expertise is second to none.

Going into a new year Kingy’s is excited to be offering Hammerysley an incredible range of Janitorial & Personal Care products, automotive, degreasers, aerosols, solvents, penetrants and rust inhibitors. With 50 years experience, Hammersley’s broad range of products are top of the market and are trusted and used in our own workshop.
With strict criteria to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency and safety, Hammersley manufacture a comprehensive range of chemicals for a variety of industries that include but are not limited to, Mining, Heavy Industry, Hospitals, Automotive, Transport, Agricultural, Engineering, Primary Industry, Food Processing, Institutions, Laundries, and Restaurants.
Let’s have a deep dive into a few of the products in the Hammersley range

Penetrants and rust inhibitors

The Good Oil Penetrating Lubricant

Hammersley’s Good Oil is a premium penetrating lubricant and protectant that sets a new standard for efficiency, safety, and environmental care. There are no petroleum elements in this groundbreaking, sustainable, plant-based recipe. The Good Oil is unrivalled in terms of penetration, lubrication, corrosion neutralisation, protection, and safety, while also providing unrivalled penetration, seeping into all those difficult-to-reach spots.

Good Oil may be used on mechanical equipment, hinges, windows, chains, rusted components, engines, motorcycles and bicycles, lawnmowers, tools, and a variety of other items. It also comes in a range of sizes from bulk sizes suitable to the workshop, to small sizes to chuck in your toolbox or saddlebag.

Janitorial & Personal Care

Antibacterial hand sanitiser gel

Hammersley’s Hand Sanitiser is an advanced bacteriological protection for your hands that is gentle and non-irritating. It contains more than 70% ethanol and swiftly and effectively eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This product is non-watery and simple to apply because it is a gel, it dries fully in seconds and leaves no residue. It also has Vitamin E, making it non-irritating and non-drying. It’s available in a variety of sizes, from large bulk bottles for usage in workshops or reception areas to small personal bottles that may be thrown into your work vehicle.


HD Degreaser

Hammersley HD Degreaser is a non-caustic, heavy-duty water-based surface cleaner and degreaser that is ideal for engine degreasing and general hard surface cleaning. Suitable for usage in all automotive industries, including auto mechanics, car yards, crash repairs, and anyplace heavy-duty oils and greases are found.

It contains QuickBreak technology, which allows oil-based contaminations to separate from the water, phase, and float to the surface after rinsing, allowing for simple removal using oil separation systems.

These are just a few of the useful products available from Hammersley.
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