Hammersley product breakdown #3

For this month’s product breakdown, we’re looking at a range of corrosion inhibitors, solvents and protective coatings from Hammersley Australia. These items are ideal for any automotive or marine workshop, whether commercial or personal or even industrial cleaners.


A revolutionary scale and corrosion inhibitor technology for engine cooling systems that keeps them running at peak efficiency.

HIBITEC was developed to optimise cooling systems, to protect all metals from corrosion with a monomolecular layer barrier, and to remain effective under high-pressure and high-heat conditions. The unique vaporising effect of HIBITEC protects systems from cavitation corrosion by effectively suspending all solid matter – and will not enable the build-up of silt in capillary zones where water flow is minimal. 

HIBITEC is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. It is crucial to note that HIBITEC can be used in engines with aluminium and alloy components with perfect safety. HIBITEC is a quick and simple-to-use liquid concentrate that is compatible with anti-freeze solutions and requires no powder to dissolve. HIBITEC is also non-toxic and non-flammable, as well as completely biodegradable. HIBITEC is ideal for mechanics, engineers, automotive specialists, and anybody who works with engine coolant.


CORRONIL RS50 creates a transparent protective coating that offers long-term rust and corrosion control for metal surfaces. It can also be used as a protective covering on its own or as a primer before painting. CORRONIL helps to prevent rust and corrosion and forms a durable, flexible, and clear coating that provides long-term protection, which will not split or peel and can withstand harsh and extreme weather climates.

CORRONIL RS50 can be used in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and personal applications, including automotive, marine, and mining equipment. It has also been used in power plants, fertiliser plants, on oil and gas rigs, manufacturing plants, the agricultural sector, and, of course, cranes in a variety of industries.


HYDRSOLV, a new concept in biodegradable hard surface cleaning, is designed to quickly remove oil, grease, wax, charcoal, inks, dyes, creosote, mildew, and exhaust stains, and other tough stains from all hard surfaces. HYDROSOLV is a concentrated quick-break solution, which means no hard scrubbing is required; it’s also non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-residual, making it safe for use on all hard surfaces, including metal. Thanks to its powerful rust inhibitor, HYDROSOLV will protect metal surfaces long after it has dried.

Because of its non-toxic and quick-break properties, HYDROSOLV can be used in an infinite number of applications; it can be used safely to clean grease from machinery, equipment, walls, small parts, concrete floors, sludge, and so on. It is also a fantastic cleaning product for engines, motor components, equipment, tanks, cement floors, and shower stalls. It is also completely unrivalled for upholstery and fittings.

HYDROSOLV has also been used as an all-purpose degreaser and cleaner for all aircraft parts, removing every oil and fuel residue. It doesn’t stop there; because of its non-toxic properties, HYDROSOLV is ideal for cleaning stoves and food preparation areas, ventilation hoods, floors, and walls in restaurants and hotels. On the production line, HYDROSOLV has been successfully used to dissolve carbon, wax, and grease off processing and packaging machines. HYDROSOLV is also used in water treatment plants to clean motors, pumps, housings, safety cones, flooring, and equipment. It is ideal for the marine industry since it swiftly eliminates mildew, tide scum, and fungi from marine hulls. It works incredibly well as a bilge cleaner. It’s even useful for cleaning concrete walkways and play areas in schools. The capabilities of this industrial cleaner are truly endless.

Combined altogether, Hammersley’s range of rust protection, cleaners, and protective coatings provides everything you need to keep your machinery looking good and working well for years to come. You can explore our shop or contact the team at Kingy’s Diesel Industries during business hours for additional information on the Hammersley’s range.

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